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Baby Jane: Act 1

Title: Baby Jane
Genre: Drama
Pairing: Anna/Dan (impiled)
Rating: This chapter is PG
Summary: Five years after the movie, Dan sits at the aquarium, thinking over what happened five years back, and meets someone there that he didn't exspect.
Constructive Criticism Accepted? Yes
Additional Comments: This is the first in many chapters.

Dan sat there starring at the cluster of angelfish, swimming in their exibit. God I fucked things up, Dan thought to himself, running the same line over in his mind as he did for the past five years that he had done coming to this aquarium. Why did I leave Alice for Anna? Why did I abondon Anna?

A little hand then appeared his perifial vision, pressed up against the glass. A little girl, with curly, strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes, turned her head starring innocently at him with wide eyes.

"Hello," the little girl first spoke. She must have been no more than 5-years-old.

"Hello there," Dan responded.

The little girl then walked over to the bench that Dan sat at.

"Did you come here to see the fish? Angelfish are my are my favorite. Are they your favorite too?" the little girl inquired rapidly.

"You know, you shouldn't be talking to strangers," Dan said bring himself to the little girl's eye level," and yes, angelfish are my favorite."

"Well, my name is Jane," she said," What's your's?"

"Dan," he replied smiling and extended his hand. Little Jane excepted it.

"Now we're not strangers," Jane justified.

After a few seconds of silince, sitting there, watching the fish.Jane broke the silince. "Do you come here often?" she asked.

"Yes," Dan answered. For five years, Larry's threat was still fresh in his mind. Every week, for five years, Dan visted the London Aquarium in hopes of seeing Anna.

"I come here with my mummy, she says it's very theare-, thearabu-," Jane stuttered, trying to prenounce the word.

"Thearaputic," Dan finished. He started to look at Jane with more detail. He began to see Anna's mouth, lips, and cheeks that this child possesed. A few more moments passed as Dan studied Jane. She can't be Larry's, Dan reasoned, maybe I did enpregant Anna before she went back to Larry.

"I think my mummy is looking for me," Jane spoke up becoming more nervous as Dan obsevered her more. "It was nice meeting you," she said hopping off the bench, waving goodbye as she walked away.

Dan waved back to her, smiling. Looks like I won in the end, Larry, Dan celebrated internaly.

SPOILERLarry is Jane's father, DanSPOILER
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